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Bloody Good, Bloody Marys (with Bacon!)

Updated: May 3, 2021

We're more than guilty of waking up a little dusty after a late night around the bush telly with a glass (or 5) of vino in hand. As they say a little "hair of the dog" is the cure for what ails you so we created the ultimate dust-clearing, tummy-filling, brunch Bloody Mary that is just perfect for the day after.


1L Tomato Juice


Streaky Bacon Rashers




Tabasco Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Salt & Pepper



  • After getting your morning fire cranking, chuck on a few bacon rashers ready to get crispy. We used a wire grill to get the ultimate crisp on all sides but a pan could work just fine too!

  • While the bacon is cooking, add 1 shot of vodka into each cup

  • Add Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, salt & pepper and a squeeze of lemon and lime into each and stir. Amounts are to your taste so if you like the hot stuff, go heavy on the tabasco!

  • Top up the glass with tomato juice (and go and check on your bacon)

  • Skewer an olive or 2 and place along the top of your drinking vessel

  • Finish with a sprig of celery and a crispy piece of bacon and get ready to to feel bloody good!

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