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Camping Bush vs Beach

It is hard to say which we like more between the bush and the beach and in Western Australia, we're lucky enough to have an abundance of both options. We weighed up the pros and cons of both (in our opinion) so you can decide for yourself.

Beach Pros

Beach sunsets/ Sun rises

Water sports

Fishing for those inclined

Less snakes….. not going to lie not no snakes just less of them

Beach Cons

Sand… so much sand

No fire wood or kindling

No shade or protection from the weather

Needs a bit more skill and research with tides and beach driving

Girls camping in the Australian bush

Bush pros



Less sand

More wildlife

Diverse scenery

Bush cons

….. sorry is this writers block….? We just can’t think of any…

In the end we think the bush wins out. You can camp in the bush all year round but beach camping is far more weather dependant. You can’t beach camp if it is too hot or too windy or too stormy. You can however find enough shelter and shade in the bush to camp in practically any weather.

With that being said, to be on the safe side in Summer, check the bush fire warnings before heading out. One trip not so long ago we made it two days in to the journey to our camp destination only to find the tracks closed due to a bush fire. It added a good eight? hours of driving to our trip to get around it. Luckily we had a sat phone so we were able to check in for updates. Oh and to ask a mate who was joining us to bring down some limes for our Gin as we were running low. Sat phones are great for long trips and those times of gin or bush fire crisis.

Let us know why the beach or the bush is your favourite in the comments below.

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