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Camping First Aid Kit - What the doctor packs

As the token doctor of our camping crowd, the task of tackling all campsite medical calamities naturally falls to me (Sam). That, combined with many years of remote camping, has meant that my medical kit has been tried and tested. This is what I pack.

Camping medical kit
My camping medical kit

The container

Should be waterproof and puncture proof.

It should also be easy to find in a crisis and in a location that you can access at any time.



  • Paracetamol (or acetaminophen if you are in America)

  • Ibuprofen

  • Gastrostop (loperamide)

  • Antihistamines

  • Kwells/motion sickness tablets


  • Gloves - two pairs

  • Sterile needle or tweezers - for splinter removal

  • Normal saline - for irrigating eyes or dirty wounds (+/- syringe for irrigation).

  • Hydralyte - for gastro or hangovers...


  • Bandaids/basic plasters - lots

  • Larger dressings - a few

  • Steristrips - I LOVE these, and I have used them so often to hold deeper cuts/wounds closed when you don't have access to sutures. Place them perpendicular to the wound to hold the free edges together, and then put a dressing over the top.

  • Medical tape

  • Gauze - the inside of the packaging also works well as a sterile work-surface

  • Cotton buds/Q tips - but a sterile version not the supermarket version

  • Scissors

  • Bandages

Topical lotions and potions

  • Antiseptic - e.g. betadine or savlon

  • Alcohol swab

  • Lip balm (generally paw paw because it has so many uses)

  • Burn cream - although lots of room temperature water is the best remedy for most burns, sometimes you dont have access to lots of water

  • Hand sanitiser

Things that I DON'T bother packing

Because other items can easily substitute if needed

  • Tourniquet, sling - clothes will usually work

  • Splint

  • Icepack/cool pack - we usually have something in the fridge that can do the job

What is in your medical kit? Is there anything that I have missed?

xxx The Ladies

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