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Refreshing Summer Camping Cocktail

SUMMER IS COMING! Quick, grab yourself some cocktail making ingredients and join us in the shade by the tent with this epic summer cooling bevy. Its ridiculously tasty, and ridiculously easy to boot.

You'll need:

  • Lemon

  • Lime

  • Gin

  • "Lemon crush" or similar


  • Squeeze a generous amount of lemon into a glass (try to get some of the pulp also) and add a handful of mint.

  • Muddle them together with anything blunt you can find - I used a spoon from the camp kitchen.

  • Add a shot (or two?) of gin

  • Top up with lemon crush. Stir.

  • Sit in a shady spot and enjoy. Leave the lemon and lime out ready for round two - these are a little too easy to drink.


The Ladies


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