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Swag vs Tent

For years we were true swag-only campers through and through and would preach to anyone who listened that it was the ONLY way to camp.

Cue our introduction to the newest 30-second-set-up tents. We were converted in a flash.

Now maybe its our old age talking, but why would a girl say no to extra leg room, a place to stash all the necessities (including a doggo sidekick) AND a place to get changed without having to get your foot around your head to get your jeans off? Exactly. We were converted.

Don't get us wrong, the swag 100% still has its place on some of our camping trips but if we have the choice these days the tent wins every time.

We weighed up the pros and cons of Swag vs Tent so you could decide for yourself.


Pros -

  • Quick set up with your bed already made and ready to go!

  • Is easy to chuck on the roof or in the boot and doesn't take up valuable wine space

  • Super cosy if you're wanting snuggles

  • Lots of affordable options

Cons -

  • Super cosy = not much room for doggos

  • Getting dressed laying down - nightmare if you need to sneak on some layers for a midnight wee!


Pros -

  • Quick set up (although only with pop up style tents)

  • Room for doggo sidekicks which is perfect for morning snuggles

  • Room for belongings

  • Room to get dressed STANDING UP using said belongings

  • Sweet verandah to enjoy your morning coffee brew under

Cons -

  • Heavy and takes up more room in the car

  • Expensive for the good stuff

  • Bedding needs to be in addition (we like to use an old A-frame swag that is easy to roll out with bedding pre-made inside to help with this)

So the list ends up being pretty even and in our opinion, completely depends on your needs and priorities!

If you're super regular campers like us and have heaps of room in or on the roof of your car, the quick set-up Tent will pay for itself in no time. Our preference is the OzTent RV-4 or RV-5.

If you're just starting out, on a budget or tight on space, the swag is your guy. Oztrail offer a range of options and styles some great entry level, affordable options as well as super the higher range stuff. If you're in Perth and want to suss it out in person, we recommend heading to Go Camping WA.

The ultimate solution? Have both ;)

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what suits your needs best in the comments below.

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