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Why You Need To Consider The Camping "Over Nighter" More Often

One of the reasons many people opt for staying home for the weekend rather than getting out on quick camping trip is the pressures of the real world encroach. You need to wash your clothes, do the food shop, get into the garden, your brother’s girlfriend’s dog’s bar mitzvah is on Sunday afternoon. Look, we know and we are right there with you. However you are underestimating the over nighter! This is the camp trip where you just take the swag, the baked beans, the water and the wine. It isn’t about the epic set up, the far flung destination or even the adventure. It is just about getting away from it all and having a break from the "real world".

For these trips we keep it tight and light. It helps if your mates are as keen for the getaway as you and spontaneous of spirit enough to read a text that literally says “(insert camp destination here) question mark” and reply “yep give me an hour”.

Keeping it simple is what it is all about. Forget something? No worries, you’ll be home tomorrow so you'll survive. And don't worry the washing will still be there, you might just have had the break you need to tackle it (or not... no judgements here!)

For us, not much changes between what we pack for a weekend or a week. A few extra clothes and a bit more food, but the essentials remain the same. Once you've got your base camping set up, organise it in a few transportable boxes and stack it up on a shelf in the shed and then the world is your oyster and you're ready to head bush at the drop of a hat.

We meet a lot of people who say "I'd love to get into camping" and then trail off with a list of how busy they are and all the things standing in the way. We just figure, if not now, then when? You will never be younger than you are right now, you will never have more time. If it is something you want to do then you just have to let that laundry pile get a little higher and the weeds in the drive way stay there a little longer. We doubt very much that you will look back at the end of your life and think you wished you had camped less and had a cleaner house.

So don't wait for the stars to align, they look much better spread across a night sky from the comfort of a camp chair with the bush telly (fire) crackling in the background.

Love the Ladies

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