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Why We Started Camping

For all three of us our motivations were different and the evolution of our camping styles has changed drastically over the years. This is where it all began...



Sam grew up on a vineyard on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia. Getting in amongst the outdoors was exactly what her family encouraged - from playing in knee-deep mud to swimming in the creek. Growing up, her family loved their rough and ready camping trips in the South West in the trusty Toyota Tarago.

Many years later and a long way from the vineyard, Sam met Harry (of Fire to Fork) who also has a contagious enthusiasm for camping. From then on, they have made a point to go camping together as much as possible, and over the years they have been everywhere in WA from Esperance to Kununurra. For them, sitting by the fire with a glass of something delicious, a fully belly and a sleeping dog is their happy place. No phones, no stress, just the bush. When the bitumen ends, so does all of their worries.



Kacey was first introduced to getting out in the great outdoors on a 6 month long Camper-van trip around the US and Canada with her family when she was 11. The endless adventures and memories that were made in the gorgeous National Parks and random off the highway overnight camp spots were by far the highlight of the trip. She will never forget the campfire chats with National Park Rangers that sparked her fascination with outdoor survival and the wildlife of the different parts of the world (she will always remember how to keep a hungry bear out of your campsite!)

It wasn't until her early twenties that she began to explore this again when she was invited along camping with a group of friends. While she didn't have the luxury of a cosy camper (but did have the addition of a good glass of wine), she fell in love all over again. With the fast pace of busy city life, getting away from it all and having no other option but to sit back and relax, there is no better way to spend a free weekend. She loves that you can pack up the car at a moments notice, escape and feel like you've had a mini holiday by the time Monday comes around - all for the cost of a tank of fuel! Her love affair with camping, hanging with her ladies and a good glass of wine by the fire hasn't wavered since!



For Jana it all began as a kid, originally from rural South Australia camping was just a part of growing up in the bush. Jana’s parents turned camping into an epic childhood adventure that grew and evolved over the years with annual “Dad’s and daughters” trips, Easter camping and living and cooking on the banks of the Murray River camping was always going to be in Jana’s wheel house. Although these days she steers clear of her dad’s famous camp oven pigeon stew and there isn’t a caravan in sight, the need to be surrounded by tall trees and fresh air is still there. Although I think even Jana’s parents are surprised by just how much time she spends out of service.

After leaving the farm and heading OS Jana found her self importing an Irish lad (Shane) into Australia. They were students and didn’t have much money so Jana thought what better way to show him Australia and hopefully make him fall in love with it than getting him out camping. So they flew over to the west coast, hired a wicked van and after packing poorly, headed North. They had all the youthful enthusiasm and lack of real planning that people generally have when they are in their early twenties and looking for adventure. That was it after that, they were smitten, with camping, with WA and with each other.

Fast forward a few years and WA is now their permanent home and they have surrounded them selves with like minded friends who share their passion for the great out doors. Queue the ladies and their tramps xxx

Jana at home, in a stream whittling with her doggo!

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